About The Candle Corner

All of our candles are handmade with care in Manitoba.

About The Candle Corner

Made With Natural Ingredients

The proprietary formula we use is a formula specifically designed for each candle’s needs (clean burning and also well scented) and is comprised of as much natural and renewable resources as possible.

Our candles are made from:

  • Soy
  • Soy and veggie blend
  • Beeswax

This natural blend not only makes our candles more sustainable, but healthier for your home, family, and pets too. 

Since 2005

Jackie started creating candles from her home in November of 2005. Since then, she has added a variety of lines including candles of different sizes, tealights, and even scented melters.

Always working on new techniques, Jackie is currently studying with one of the world’s top candle experts to develop products using paraffin wax and gel. 

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What is the burn time on your candles?
This is a very tricky question because there are so many variables that come into play when burning any candles, such as location (drafts, wind, ceiling fans….) amount of time of continuous burn, proper wick trimming, etc.

Burn your candles a maximum of 3-4 hours for best performance.

More importantly it is always best to remember – do not leave a lit candle unattended!

What are your candles made from?

Our candles are made up from a variety of substances that best suit their specific design and needs. Materials include soy, a soy and veggie blend, and beeswax.

Do you recycle your containers?

Yes! We try and recycle our containers, and use recycled materials as much as possible. 

Are custom options available?

We do offer custom candles in small and larger quantaties. Custom gifts, specific scents or styles, and wedding decor or favours are just a few examples.

Our Home Studio

The Candle Corner Studio
The Candle Corner Studio
The Candle Corner Studio
The Candle Corner Studio
The Candle Corner Studio